About Us

Once upon a time there were four writers, – Saphena Aziz, Chris Christou, Chase Johnston-Lynch and John Mc – who were all members of another writers group.  However, this group was not fulfilling their needs, so they sat down one day and discussed the establishing of another writers’ group whose mission was to develop a community of industry standard writers in Merseyside.  It would hold informal gatherings where writers would discuss concepts from characters to themes and plots rather than just reading each other’s scripts.

Merseyside Script Initiative held its inaugural meeting on 15th May 2012.

For the next twelve months or so, MSI held meetings with various degrees of success. While some meeting would be attended by a dozen or more, occasionally two of us would sit there counting beer mats.

After twelve months the attendance was at a decent level. One of our members, Matt Sheil, said “wouldn’t it be great to have an 0151 challenge, where we could make films that were all one-hundred-and-fifty-one seconds long?” (Paraphrased). While the idea was dismissed as unworkable by some, enthusiasm snowballed and thus the 0151 Festival was conceived.

On 7th July 2012, the first full-length directed reading was presented to a select audience. Unfortunately, a young man called Andy Murray was doing something on a tennis court that day that was far more interesting. Still the writer, John Mc, received some valuable feedback on his stageplay “Last Appointment” that would inform a further redraft.

MSI has so many exciting initiatives planned for the future. It all takes time but it will all happen eventually.