Happy New Year and changes

Year in Review

MSI has had an intriguing and productive year in 2014, with Pilot Season running throughout the summer and our involvement with the Page to Stage festival in the fall.  We were unable to produce the 2nd 0151 short film festival tour and look forward to it taking place in march 2015.  We are also looking forward to finally premiering the 3 day showcase of the Public House play at the Casa at the end of January.start of february.


MSI was also happy to have its fortnightly meetings at the Gostins building on Hanover st but we are looking forward to moving to new location, the crown Buildings on Victoria st affectionately nicknamed Area 61.


MSI hopes to take its role as production company more seriously this year for after 2 years of producing free content for its membership, we are now looking to streamline and monetise by offering creative development courses with the Creative Space management team.  we are planning non verbal acting workshops, Producing theory classes and strategic editing short courses that will be charged at various rates.


Creative Space Management which owns the Victoria Meeting Rooms Space is willing to sponsor the new initiatives MSI Presents plan to host in their building.  CSM has a BFI certification to run a community Cinema. They are developing hot desk office suites and are now in plans to turn their lower floor haunt space (raw area) in to a cyclorama suite.  With additional computers and an MOCN educational certification to run classes, the building is looking to develop itself as a creative tower of community creative skills development.

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