Public House Challenge Launched

Public HouseIt’s here! The challenge you have been waiting for.

MSI is searching for a small team of four or five writers for a collaborative project entitled “Public House.” To win a place on the team you are asked to submit a short stageplay of maximum ten-minutes/ten-pages involving two strong and memorable characters. It must be a single scene set in one place and within a single time frame.

The resulting script will be performed at venue/s in Liverpool by professional actors and directed by a local director at a date or dates to be decided.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Merseyside writers to showcase their script-writing abilities.

The characters you create may or may not be included in the final production.

We are looking for candidates that can show an ability to create strong characters who relate to each other with strong and interesting dialogue. Some examples of characters we may encounter are:

The young couple who have recently fallen in love;

A married couple who are snatching a little valuable time away from their kids;

Two older men/women who have escaped from their spouses for the evening

A barman with a secret;

A local wide-boy who is constantly trying to sell dodgy gear.

The list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive.

The deadline is Midnight on Friday 31 January 2014. Candidates are asked to carefully read the guidelines.